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Dear Pissed Consumer,

I have had my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee I purchased from Erie Auto Credit for a year. Since the purchase of my vehicle, I have had it in the shop close to 20 times for everything from the radiator to the actual engine. The full engine had to be replaced because it was running erratically and was detremined via professional engine mechanic that 3+ inches of sludge on the engine due to misuse by the previous owner.

The management and the owners of Erie Auto Credit preach that they will help you "restore" and "rebuild" your credit upon purchase of a vehicle at their establishment. Since the purchase of my vehicle, I have had it in the shop more than I have driven it, and it has done nothing to help my credit, it has actually made it worse because of all the repair costs. I have paid more in total repair costs than I have in all my car payments combined.

Erie Auto Credit and it's management and associates also claim that all vehicles (albeit used) are "serviced" and "inspected" prior to sale. If my Jeep was serviced properly prior to sale, a failing engine, radiator, fuel pump, and every other failing part would have been detected.

They do absolutely nothing to help me. In fact, when I file a complaint/review publicly on their Facebook page, they single me out from all the other customers like i'm ***. They take absolutely no responsibility for selling me a failing vehicle and state that they don't have a "crystal ball" to which they can view to see what is wrong with vehicles prior to selling them.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Yes Erie auto credit is a sham, I am a mechanic, and I quit New motors because of eac, trying to tell me to overlook things that were wrong with their auction garbage so they could screw people, they even sent a car that I would not put state inspection stickers on to a craphole called oakies and they were more than happy to put stickers on a less than safe car, my advice is never buy anything from Erie auto credit they are Rip Off Artists

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